maandag 3 december 2012


It is no secret that I run the Serpent's Skull adventure path form Paizo. I have thus mini-ed up a long time ago. I got a serpentfolk (no painted  picture handy, might post it later), but also two yuan-ti. They have been collecting dust on my 'unpainted' shelve for a long time. At one point I painted half of them and then quit again.

In the spirit of my 'Oh my god I have Bones coming by the hundreds this march' offensive I chose to finish them. I touched the existing bits up and added the non-painted parts. This lead to some good tabletop quality mini's, but obviously not my best (I was a lot worse a painter a year ago).

Next up is some work on the dungeon tileset. There are also two Bones great worms on my desk that I can't wait to do a proper paintjob on. I am thinking standard dungeon worm and ice worm. I already got snow flock for the base.

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