zondag 8 september 2013

Bones boiling

I recently took time to boil all my new bones. Well the smaller ones that is, the huge dragons will get boiled in bigger pots at a later date. So what is this boiling? Its easy really.

Bones tend to come wrangled and warped. To warp things like bent spears back you boil it. Take some water, make sure it is boiling, then put it in a cup/pot. Then take some normal, cold, water and add a few ice cubes.

Now dunk a few of your Bones models (as many as can fit without being a hinder to each other) in the near boiling temperature water. I use some chemist tongs to put them in and out of it. Leave them for at least 2 minutes and watch the Bones material bend back to its original shape. You can't reliably reshape Bones this way, only unbend them to their original shape.

After the two minutes, take them out and dunk them in the ice water. This will set the Bones in the proper position permanently. Leave them in the ice water for another 2 minutes. And voila!

It took me an hour or two to do all the bend stuff from the Vampire box, and I have been pretty picky.

Dunking Bones!

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