woensdag 31 juli 2013

MoM: Jenny Barnes and Gloria Goldberg

I have not had the time to snap a few pictures of my most recent investigator paintjobs lately. I have actually been busy playing the game! Regardless what I painted Jenny Barnes and Gloria Goldberg. That only leaves Ashcan Pete (and his dog) for the investigators from the base game to be fully painted. Nice, nice.

Jenny Barnes

Gloria Goldberg

Its been two months since I started painting Mansions of Madness and I am well on schedule to finish by the end of the third month. Here is everything I painted in July.

The month's MoM painting

Next up: 6 cultists

vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Otherworld Miniatures is having a summersale

While Reaper miniatures might be the place to go for the cheap minatures as of late, I have always really liked the work of Otherworld Miniatures. They are a bit on the pricey side, which means I don't get all the stuff I'd want, but good news! They have a summer sale going from 20-50% off on a lot of items.

I am thinking of picking up a bunch of spiders and other wilderness creatures. They all have the older editions looks, but some of these models are really good. Detail on them is also great. To boot they are located in the UK, so no VAT for me. :)

Here are some models they did that I have been painting lately:

The venom cult
Barbed devils
Bone devil
Rust monsters
Violet funghi

donderdag 18 juli 2013

MoM: Cult leaders and witches

Painting on Mansions of Madness has been going rather slow as of late. The miniatures are just not all that impressive. Six cultists, two cult leaders, two witches, those are all not really awesome to paint. Especially after painting a full cult earlier this year, the thought of painting a second cult is not something I look forward to that much.

That said I have managed to do some more work on them all. The cultists are in progress, but I managed to finish the cult leaders and witches. I am not happy at all with how the cult leaders turned out, but meh!

Cult leaders

maandag 8 juli 2013

MoM: Maniacs

Been a bit busy lately. Not had enough painting time. Managed to finish the two maniacs from Mansions of Madness though. A quick, but adequate paint job.

My momentum is starting to slow on the entire set. I have now gotten to the really dull cultists and cultist leaders. *moan* Really quite boring to paint. I did start up the second shoggoth though, so that should be good.

Next up: I think cultist leaders.

dinsdag 2 juli 2013

MoM: Joe Diamond and Harvey Walters

I forgot to post pictures of Joe Diamond! Mainly because my lightbox was not accessible. In the meantime I also finished Harvey Walters! Good news. So here are some pictures.

Harvey Walters

Joe Diamond

Next up: Two maniacs!

In other news: I managed to get my hands on a Call of the Wilds expansion. And is it awesome! Some of the models are a bit flimsy, but the dark young miniature is really quite impressive. First to finish the original game's painting though.