donderdag 15 augustus 2013

Extreme zoom in and MoM: Cultists

I have been playing around with some seriously professional cameras with Ork de Rooij from Ork Photography. The guy knows how to take pictures, but normally tackles actual models, not miniatures. We went over a lot of techniques on taking the best pictures while our girlfriends were doing their hair (females!).

We got quite far with zooming in (extra macro rings, etc. etc.!) so I figured I'd show just how close we got.

I am eyeing a new camera to be able to do things like that. :)

Hit the zoom!

Afraid I promised myself to finish the base Mansions of Madness set before I do much of anything with the Bones. This does mean I got a serious want to finish the Mansions set! So here I finally took the time to finish the six cultists that come with the base game. These guys were quite boring to paint, but will liven up the board so much. Cultists are used in a lot of scenarios.

woensdag 7 augustus 2013

Isabella "Inkskin" Locke (and BONES!)

My Bones have arrived! My Bones have arrived! A huge box was waiting for me last night. There are so many of them, soooo many! *swims in Bones*


Right. Well more on that later. Today I have the finished pirate lady, Isabella "Inkskin" Locke for my Skull and Shackles campaign. This mini sees me trying out tattoos and a glow coming from her hand. The glow has been described, by my lovely girlfriend, as 'sort of mouldy'. Then again she thought the original paintjob's hand was also 'sort of mouldy', so I worry not!

The trick to tattoos is to mix in some of the original skin color, so it blends nicely. Unfortunately I did not hear of this trick until after the tattoos were on my pirate. I did go over them again with some better mixed paint, but my tattoo is still sort of 'rough', but not bad for a first time. Free hand is hard.

Isabella "Inkskin" Locke

Pirate ladies

vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

My collection

I have recently cleaned up my storage solution for my miniatures. I now have the following set up:
  • A shelf full of Tomb Kings
  • A shelf for Willeke's Bretonnia and Pathfinder miniatures
  • A painted shelf
  • 2 potential shelfs of shame (unpainted)
  • A smaller shelf for all the mansions of madness
This still leaves me with a mini or... 40 on my desk in various phases. The shelves of shame are in anticipation of the Bones from Reaper arriving. I think two shelves won't be enough. I am not kidding, I have seen pictures!

So this all prompted me to take a quick picture of my collection (minus the stuff that is on my desk, and the Mansions of Madness stuff is also not in the picture).

The following is a really big picture so you can zoom in and actually see most of the miniatures. :)