zondag 28 december 2014

The trial of Cayden Cailean

Sometimes I have that nagging feeling to build a lot of stuff for a session. I had a one evening session to fill in for a regular GM. So I designed that Trial of Cayden Cailean, in which our heroes traverse a (ale filled) demiplane inside the Starstone Cathedral to get Cayden Cailean's approval for the test of the starstone. (Pathfinder talk).

It was a nice session, here are a few pictures.

A fiendish tavern

Part of the City of Brass

A haunted castle

 This troll  won't let the anyone pass

Table overview

donderdag 25 december 2014

A ghostly bunch

I sat down and got my ghosts finished. My first ideas was to paint these translucent miniatures with some drybrushing as to preserve some of their translucence. Unfortunately that did not work out for me. So I tried something new.

I took off-white and base coated them all. Then I started applying washes. These ghosts are 90% washes! Basing really finished them.


dinsdag 23 december 2014

Emerald Automaton

Here we have a Stonehaven clockwork golem thing. I painted him as a Emerald Automaton for the Emerald Spire superdungeon. So far he has seen some good use, especially with season six of Pathfinder Society being a bit scifi-ish, he is now my stand-in 'robot' model.

Emerald Automaton

vrijdag 12 december 2014

Workbench upgrade

So I had a three week vacation and part of that was me expanding my workbench. I wanted to add some shelves and clean everything up. Oh and clean a spot for my upcoming airbrush (and compressor which is big, heavy and hums.

So here is where I started. The paint was moved from the paintracks down to the desk itself, but kind of messy regardless.

So then I added shelves and reorganized things. This is the result.

Top shelf (left to right)
- iPad space
- In the back all kinds of paints, putties, etc.
- In the front current projects
- On the right flocks, superglue, toothpicks
- Jars of brushes, knifes, greenstuff, brush soap and files.

Box on the left of the paintrack is odds and ends. In front of the box is excess paints (that I have more then one of).

Then there is the paint rack. Left rack is just washes. Racks to the right are model color, game color, GW in that order.

Finally a daylight lamp and a cutting mat.

Not in the picture: Water and palette.