woensdag 5 december 2012

Painting the dungeon, part 1

So after months of not being able to decide on the paintscheme of the new dungeon tileset I finally decided last week. Since then we (me and my girl) have been working on the painting of the dungeon!

Step 1
First of all I had to decide on a colorscheme, see this post for the results on that.

Step 2
With a colorscheme in hand it was time to pay the local paintsupply store a visit. Once there I got a very nice grey, three shades of wall color and the green to highlight the floor. I still have some black wash in a big pot, so that should not be a problem.

The goal here was to make sure I chose paints that I would not have to mix, so it would be easy to reproduce the exact same color in a year or more.

I also quickly nabbed a very nice paint-holder-thingey. After that it was back home!

Step 3
Remove everything from the bag and start painting like a roadrunner. I decided I wanted to do all the floor basecoating first. They will all need two layers at least, some of them three. After an hour or so my table looked sort of like this:

The mini layout at the bottom of the picture was to get a quick feel for how it looks when put together (spoiler: quite nice so far). Notice the Fellowship of the Ring appendices that are good watching material while I paint. Assorted mini's also always seem to end up on this table.

(Step 4)
I considered adding durt and sand to all wall sections, but decided against it. Maybe for a cavern set or a specific ruined set.

More to come!

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