vrijdag 27 september 2013

Hajad, looting pirate

Painting up some pirates for Skull and Shackles. This is the fourth pirate I painted. He will be playing the part of Crimson in the campaign, but he is originally known as Hajad, from Reaper. He is a Bones miniature! This brings my Bones kickstarter painting up to 3 or some such, 5 if you count the pre-kickstarter Bones worms!

I also took the four remaining pirates from the Bones kickstarter and will be adding the pirate gnome from Stonehaven gnomes to it. I based them and set them up as my next paint project. That is until I get distra- Oeh look other minis!

Crimson / Hajad

woensdag 25 september 2013

MoM: Amanda Sharpe

So I had written up a nice blog post about Amanda Sharpe, from Mansions of Madness: Call of the Wild. It featured what my plans were, etc. Then I saved over it. Darn.

I don't quite feel like re-typing it all. So I will be brief. This is Amanda Sharpe. First model from Call of the Wild. Below you see progress on my Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath. Have a good day!

Amanda Sharpe

maandag 23 september 2013

Dungeon: Furniture

Time for something easy. Dungeon furniture! I aim to paint at least one piece a week in addition to my one miniature a week. Otherwise I will never get the dungeon looking good. A simple bed or table in the corner makes a world of difference.

These are from Hirst Arts molds.

zaterdag 21 september 2013

Kerdak Bonefist

Here is Kerdak Bonefist, a.k.a. the Hurricane King! Pirate lord of the Shackles and soon to (potentially) be in the company of my PCs. Good stuff.

Painting him was a challenge. I took a lot more time then usual, and I think it shows. I liked working on the blending and highlighting for long times. I also spend a lot of time on the non-metallic metal sword. I am pleased with it. It is no masterpiece, but it is only my second try at it afterall.

Beware players! For the Hurricane King cometh!

maandag 16 september 2013

Hellakin Goregutter, halfling rogue

Here is a quick halfling rogue, Hellakin Goregutter, from Reaper. He is, of course, a Bones miniature. Someone from one of the campaigns needed a halfling rogue. If at all possible ginger. I obliged. I always like playing in parties with fully painted PC miniatures at least.

This particular campaign I play in myself as well. 'Unfortunately' two more players need new miniatures painted for them. My life is so 'hard'. Ha!

Hellakin Goregutter

woensdag 11 september 2013

Fully painted Mansions of Madness

It is done! Here is the picture that shows all the models in Mansions of Madness, as painted by yours truly. Woohoo! Now I need to find some people to play a few games. Anyone!?

Regardless I am already slowly starting to paint Call of the Wild, Amanda Sharpe first. Bones painting is also starting up. Good times!

zondag 8 september 2013

Bones boiling

I recently took time to boil all my new bones. Well the smaller ones that is, the huge dragons will get boiled in bigger pots at a later date. So what is this boiling? Its easy really.

Bones tend to come wrangled and warped. To warp things like bent spears back you boil it. Take some water, make sure it is boiling, then put it in a cup/pot. Then take some normal, cold, water and add a few ice cubes.

Now dunk a few of your Bones models (as many as can fit without being a hinder to each other) in the near boiling temperature water. I use some chemist tongs to put them in and out of it. Leave them for at least 2 minutes and watch the Bones material bend back to its original shape. You can't reliably reshape Bones this way, only unbend them to their original shape.

After the two minutes, take them out and dunk them in the ice water. This will set the Bones in the proper position permanently. Leave them in the ice water for another 2 minutes. And voila!

It took me an hour or two to do all the bend stuff from the Vampire box, and I have been pretty picky.

Dunking Bones!

vrijdag 6 september 2013

Scrutiny: Secretweapon washes (part 1)

Its been a while since I've done a scrutiny so here is one I had been eagerly anticipating. The Secret Weapon Miniatures washes. I have had my eye on these for quite a while. It is a set of 30 washes (or less if you don't want them all) that should really help with the washing and tinting of miniatures.

The online experience was adequate, nothing bad at all. The usual Paypal option applies and shipping to Europe was not excessive, but not cheap either. It should be said that companies like these cannot compete with shipping costs like Amazon. Amazon loses money on everything they send, and they have a much better deal with the postal services due to their sheer size.

That's where things hit a snag. I waited for over a month, and no washes. I contacted them and was surprised by quick and really good customer service. They informed me that it should have arrived, that they 'have had a few packages dissapear recently to europe' and that they would re-ship it. They even provided tracking numbers for the first and second package. Good stuff.

I waited another bunch of weeks and had just hit another email at them (to which was responded really quickly and sincerely) when the second package arrived. Sweet! I got to unpacking, and look at these beauties.

Yes my precious washies!

This prompted me to quickly build another paintrack to dedicate solely to washes.

Starting to look like something

The colours themselves have colourful titles like 'concrete' and 'baby poop', but are actually quite descriptive. The set comes with all the strong base colors like very red, very green, etc. but it also has a great selection of things like dried blood, concrete, flesh wash, etc. Some of them are glossier then others. Nothing a good matte medium or matte sealer won't fix though.
Then came the actual testing. I shook every bottle thoroughly before beginning (some thickening was to be expected after such a long travel afterall). Unfortunately I ran into another snag. Pretty much all of the bottles seemed hopelessly clogged (27/30). I had big splotches of wash over my painting area twice. I started popping off the tops of the bottles to see what was up. This is what greeted me.

Not what I was hoping for

This was a problem. I tried mixing some of it back in, but I believe the actual intent of the washes was ruined. What I have gotten to use has been fine so far, but most of these were unusable. So I went back to mailing the Secret Weapon people. Once again I got extremely good customer service. They have since send out another package, with another 30 washes. They have personally inspected this shipment and apologized quite a bit. I almost felt guilty for having to knock on their customer service door again.
So the actual verdict will have to wait until the replacement batch comes in. In the meanwhile I can give these guys a rating on customer service. Also USPS? Please sell the company to some people that actually know how to deal with postal services. Idiots.

Customer service: 10/10

woensdag 4 september 2013

Last few Mansions of Madness models

I have finished my Mansions of Madness painting! Woohoo! Indeed. I have a few pictures of the models I finished last and I will also post a full set picture later on. I have been trying to get the hang of my new camera and your mileage may vary on these pictures.

Ashcan Pete



Ashcan was a joy to paint, the shoggoth is much better then the first one I did, but the Mi-go are annoying to paint to the extreme!

maandag 2 september 2013

Stone Golem

Its been a while. I have been quite busy though. I have been finishing up Mansions of Madness (expect a post later on), boiling Bones, getting a new camera, getting new washes, etc. Its been busy.

My players recently encountered a stone golem. After the fight I kind of wanted to paint the miniature. Stone golems have this tendency to look very boring in their 'dungeon grey' look. So I came up with him standing on a piece of obsidian, surrounded by lava. This gave me the perfect excuse to practice some actual OSL (Object Source Lighting, its when you paint actual 'light' on a miniature).

I am quite satisfied with how he turned out. I would have been a little happier if I could have had the belt stand out more, but still quite happy with him. Pictures courtesy of the new camera.

That's one Bones kickstarter mini down. 250+ to go!