vrijdag 26 april 2013

Dungeon: Decorative floorpieces

Exactly what it says on the tin. I finished painting these arcane symbols and some other 'special' floortiles. Next up is ten pillars.

maandag 22 april 2013

New photograph background

I have (yet again) upgraded my photo shoot facilities. This time I added a textured cloth in the hopes of being able to focus the pictures better on the actual models. This is the results so far! Enjoying myself here.

vrijdag 19 april 2013

Scrutiny: Dragonforge bases

My severe liking for all things bases popped up again a while ago. I ordered some cultist miniatures from Otherworld miniatures. I would need proper bases for those, so I searched the web and decided on some pretty looking ones from Dragon Forge Design. I had already heard of their stuff and the talk was good.

So I ordered their new(ish) desecrated lands line multipack. That's 2x10 25mm, 2x5 40mm and 2x 60mm. The ordering proces was nice and quick, the site clean and clear. I would love to see some alternate paintschemes on the preview pictures, but most sites don't do that so I certainly won't hold that against them. It should be said that the guy running the place was behind on sending out orders by three weeks. This was clearly communicated on the main page so you'd know what you were getting yourself into, so bonus points for that.

Well then, they arrived in nice plastic baggies in a shipping envelope. Those are especially nice because they just fit in the mailbox

Here are the beauties all unpacked

First thing I noticed was the good quality of casting. There was hardly any casting left overs, the ones I did find were easily removed. The bottom of the bases is not sanded, but that is also not at all required. Where Micro Arts sand all their bases, the Dragon Forge ones seem perfectly flat on their own. Bonus points there!

Very slight casting mistakes, most of this is actually part of the design

These bases have something I have not seen on bases before. They have sections where you are meant to put some water effects (or lava effects if you want I guess). That is sheer genius! I will definately be adding this to those bases.

Notice the top section for water effects

Money and shipping wise they are a bit cheaper then micro arts, but not as cheap as for example pk-pro. The combined pack of bases was also good value.

Best of all they paint up quite nicely!

Fully painted desecrated lands bases
Verdict: Very good bases, fair pricing. Even really large base sizes are supported in some of the lines. I'd buy again for sure.

woensdag 17 april 2013

Dungeon: Serpent's Skull Catacombs

I recently did a quick build for a small catacombs dungeon in Serpent's Skull of my own design. The actual encounter just said that the players have a encounter with a strong undead creature. I put in my own twist and decided this undead must have some sort of lair. Since he has control over animals I figured that a way to retreat back to his coffin (it was vampire-like) would be handy. So I placed four special tiles in the dungeon that when stepped upon by living creatures would open the door to his inner sanctum for a round or two. He would mindcontrol four spiders to do this for him, the players would have some issues though.

The fight was rather awesome and in the end they did manage to invade his sanctum and slay the undead. Much better then a random encounter with the undead creature.

And a quick shot of the setup: (Notice the mixing of my tilesets, the new and old one)

dinsdag 9 april 2013

Finishing Up: Grick

A long time ago I converted a Otherworld Miniatures Giant Leech to a Grick (see concept art at bottom of the post). Now this was a long time ago and it broke about half a year ago when I seriously fumbled it.

So for 'finishing up' I grabbed all the pieces, reconstructed some of the (admittedly crappy) paintjob and added eeww-ey ooze to the base with crystal gel. I didn't fully repaint the mini, because that is not the point of 'finishing up'. If I keep updating paintjobs I will never get to minis that don't even have a paintjob yet.

donderdag 4 april 2013

Finishing Up: Purple worm

A while ago I painted a Bones purple worm as a frost worm. It has been a while and I finally decided to paint my second worm, traditionally this time. Meet, a purple worm. None of my pathfinder parties could handle the CR on this thing, but meh.

And for comparison here is the frost worm from the past.

dinsdag 2 april 2013

Kassata Lewynn

This is Kassata Lewynn, the faction leader of the Free Captains in Serpent's Skull, and soon to be doubled as Sandara Quinn in my Skull and Shackles campaign.

Pathfinder mini's are always a joy to paint. They are so detailed and give a lot of satisfaction once completed. In this case I worked with a muted color palette for once, and it really seems to be working. Unfortunately the picture isn't one of my best.

Any tips to improve on the shooting of her picture are welcome!

Next up: A purple worm.