dinsdag 27 november 2012

Dungeon flooring

It is no secret that I have been stewing on a color scheme for my new dungeon tileset (from Hirstarts molds, buy em, really). I finally decided to do a bunch of color tests. I have thus tested five different styles.
  1. A brown with brown highlights. This would work well on dirt, but not stonework.
  2. A very dark green, drybrushed with a lighter one. This gave not enough contrast to work with.
  3. The same very dark green, washed black then drybrushed with a lighter tone again. This just looked messy.
  4. A dungeon style classic. Dark blue/grey with two highlights. This shall be the color for the walls (see picture).
  5. A lighter grey, washed black, drybrushed with the same grey and then drybrushed with a shade of grey/green. This color was very nice as well and shall be the floor color.
In the end I have decided upon a classic dungeonwall grey and a slightly green-ish floorplan. Now on to getting supplies to scale it all up to bigger production. We have about 20 pieces ready for painting, with more on the way.

I have also gotten very strong matte varnish recently that will seal it all to protect against play.

The wallcolor (tested on a floortile)

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