vrijdag 11 juli 2014

All my player characters

I felt inspired to take a picture of all my player characters together. See if you can spot the oldest one.

My player characters
From left to right: Tariq Yhadav, Alaraic 'The Mad' Runefist, Zeebonakfarian etc. etc., Norum Stormdelver, Tomlin Wizzbolt, Assyra Serefina.

woensdag 9 juli 2014

Assyra Serefina

What I have here is my latest player character, the ifrit Assyra Serefina. She is actually the miniature for the Chelaxian Firebinder. I am quite pleased with how she turned out.

The picture is slightly darker then she is for real. I added some grey freehand to the yellow cloak because she worships Calistria, whose colors are yellow and black.

Assyra Serefina

And as a bonus here is her flaming sphere! A quick bones model paint.

Flamey, the flaming sphere