dinsdag 18 december 2012

Other paintjobs from 2012

It seems 2012 is already almost over. This is a shame, because I have been painting like crazy. I aim to keep it up so that the shelf is a lot emptier come Reaper kickstarter dead drop.

I have spotlighted some of my recent paintjobs since I started this blog, but of course I painted a lot more this year. Here are the best of them (and the ones with the best pictures).

(Swampy) Zombies from Reaper Miniatures

Rust monsters from Otherworld Miniatures


I did paint a lot more then just this, mainly in the Warhammer department, but I do not have proper pictures of most of them. I only got my lightbox near the end of the year and anything not in the lightbox is no longer something I am happy with
I learned a lot from painting all these miniatures this year. One thing I know now is that I could spend days on a miniature or hours. I general I will not spend days on a miniature, but hours. I just don't have the time to paint up to a 'museum' quality spec. I also want to use the miniatures, so there is another reason. I will thus tend to paint up to a level of quality I am comfortable with doing within at max 8 or so hours.
I also learned about water effects (see the huge spider), still love drybrushing (see the spirits) and actually blended some things (see the rust monsters).
This was a good year, let's have another.
*Waits patiently for Reaper-day to arrive*

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