maandag 13 januari 2014

Vanja, fire giant queen

After three months of working on four fire giants I have finally finished the first! This is Vanja, Fire Giant Queen. Sculpted by Werner Klocke, produced by Reaper miniatures in their Bones line. There is also a metal version, but I instead have the, much cheaper, Bones version.

Why did it take so long? Besides being sick, she was a test model for a lot of new techniques. The main reason is my first huge non-metallic metal attempt. I am pleased enough with the result, though it could have been better. You have to start somewhere.

I am especially pleased with her hair and skin. Her eyes also came out quite well, oh and the cloak (totally stole the cloak idea from someone).

The thing is, I have three more giants in different phases of being done, and I am totally done with giants for now! Back to something else, painting two spiders for a upcoming one off Pathfinder session it is.

Vanja, fire giant queen

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