maandag 6 oktober 2014

Wulfric (modded Kord the Destroyer)

Here is Wulfric, son of Magda of Trollheim (and a bunch more titles like goblin bane and drinker of tea) my fighter (with one level of barbarian for the speed). I modded a Kord the Destroyer Bones miniature. I changed the position of the arms, removed his weapons, added Wulfric's double headed orc waraxe and filled his other fist with a recent decapitation victim.

The weapon is made out of 4 different bits from my bitbox. A chaos warrior axe, a tomb kings banner bearer staff and two bits from a dark elf polearm unit. I sculpted a extension of the cloak to cover the new position of the arm and I gave the skull a bit of hair as well.

I also experimented with non metallic metal by using a 'washes only' recipe I found online and adapted to this model. The metal parts are five washes only. It works really well on the smaller parts, less so on the weapon, but still awesome.

The snow is also a new recipe of mixing snow flock with parts of woodglue and water. It looks quite real and is very solid. I also added a bit of 'Blood for the Blood God' to his weapon and the snow.

Overall I am very pleased.

Wulfric, son of Magda of Trollheim

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