vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

My collection

I have recently cleaned up my storage solution for my miniatures. I now have the following set up:
  • A shelf full of Tomb Kings
  • A shelf for Willeke's Bretonnia and Pathfinder miniatures
  • A painted shelf
  • 2 potential shelfs of shame (unpainted)
  • A smaller shelf for all the mansions of madness
This still leaves me with a mini or... 40 on my desk in various phases. The shelves of shame are in anticipation of the Bones from Reaper arriving. I think two shelves won't be enough. I am not kidding, I have seen pictures!

So this all prompted me to take a quick picture of my collection (minus the stuff that is on my desk, and the Mansions of Madness stuff is also not in the picture).

The following is a really big picture so you can zoom in and actually see most of the miniatures. :)

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