donderdag 8 november 2012

Welcome to the Grotto

So! I finally made the move from livejournal to another blogging platform. In addition I am focusing on my gaming. The collecting, the painting and the gaming itself. I shall try to post some logs of campaigns I run, highlights, but mainly pictures of models or dungeonpieces.

So here goes!

I have bought in on the Reaper kickstarter last september and am getting nearly everything! Woohoo! Together with a few friends who also ordered a few things through me, I should be getting a pretty big box of miniatures. ... Which is also the problem! I need to get my unpainted lead (and plastics) painted up as soon as possible. Before the storm!

So here are the first few. This is 'Sasha' in my Serpent's Skull pathfinder campaign. Or as she is better known, Shenshen from Reaper's Pathfinder line.


I don't usually blend  much, so this mini has been a test of sorts.

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