vrijdag 12 december 2014

Workbench upgrade

So I had a three week vacation and part of that was me expanding my workbench. I wanted to add some shelves and clean everything up. Oh and clean a spot for my upcoming airbrush (and compressor which is big, heavy and hums.

So here is where I started. The paint was moved from the paintracks down to the desk itself, but kind of messy regardless.

So then I added shelves and reorganized things. This is the result.

Top shelf (left to right)
- iPad space
- In the back all kinds of paints, putties, etc.
- In the front current projects
- On the right flocks, superglue, toothpicks
- Jars of brushes, knifes, greenstuff, brush soap and files.

Box on the left of the paintrack is odds and ends. In front of the box is excess paints (that I have more then one of).

Then there is the paint rack. Left rack is just washes. Racks to the right are model color, game color, GW in that order.

Finally a daylight lamp and a cutting mat.

Not in the picture: Water and palette.

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