maandag 20 januari 2014

Scrutiny: Invisible characters

I got this nifty little gift at christmas. My girlfriend surprised me with Gamemastery (a line of products from Paizo) invisible character 'miniatures'. What is this you ask? Only character silhouettes cut out of plexiglass supplied with round plexiglass bases. You can use these to represent characters that are currently invisible. Very neat indeed!

Lets take a look.

What you get

The set comes with ten varied fantasy types. It also comes with ten bases (even though I got eleven, I am always so lucky!). It is actually quite hard to take pictures of these things.

The cleric with and without base

The 'miniatures' cannot really stand on the bases without 'help' from some superglue. It is not a snug fit, which is one of the downsides. That said, I glued all of mine and the results are very cool. So far I have used the invisible miniatures three times during sessions where players went invisible, though they can also be used for invisible bad guys that only a few players can see. Very cool stuff indeed! Thanks girlfriend for getting me these things.

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