maandag 2 september 2013

Stone Golem

Its been a while. I have been quite busy though. I have been finishing up Mansions of Madness (expect a post later on), boiling Bones, getting a new camera, getting new washes, etc. Its been busy.

My players recently encountered a stone golem. After the fight I kind of wanted to paint the miniature. Stone golems have this tendency to look very boring in their 'dungeon grey' look. So I came up with him standing on a piece of obsidian, surrounded by lava. This gave me the perfect excuse to practice some actual OSL (Object Source Lighting, its when you paint actual 'light' on a miniature).

I am quite satisfied with how he turned out. I would have been a little happier if I could have had the belt stand out more, but still quite happy with him. Pictures courtesy of the new camera.

That's one Bones kickstarter mini down. 250+ to go!

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